Vol 1, May 1st 2017

Here’s something true: since the invention of recorded audio, everyone has an “I remember."

As in, “I remember when I had to go to the store and to buy Michael Jackson’s Bad on CD!” and then someone older chimes in with an “I remember when there were no CDs, all we had were cassettes” and then the baby boomers start talking about their 8-tracks, and so on and so forth back past vinyl albums and 45s, to relatively primitive wax and soft metal recording.

My own personal memory goes back to cassettes, to CDs and later stealing music on Napster and Limewire. I remember the day iTunes launched and when, going on 10 years ago, I became a streaming customer.

What’s interesting about this super advanced technologically savvy day and age we live in, is that nearly all the above mentioned audio consumption mediums are out there receiving brand spanking new pressings. When the shiny new contraptions trapping sound advance, I think it’s easy to think the old mediums are long gone.

And yet, here we are, strolling through a brick-and-mortar retail music store, perusing the new releases on cassette, compact disc, and vinyl. On the way home I might download or cache the same record to play in my car which doesn’t have a vinyl, cassette, or CD player.

Options aren’t just great for customers, but also for the people behind the creations, each new medium unlocking a new ability to frame an expression or album ever so slightly differently.

I think about this stuff when I think about the fantastic music we have coming this year and beyond. No matter the method to your music enjoyment, we’ll be there meeting you at the format.

We can’t wait to see where audio goes from here, but more importantly, excited to bring those mediums to life with some truly special music.

Stay tuned, music fans. The best is yet to come.

- Ned

Swoon City Council

Maureen Lloren